Tallest Towers v1.1 update includes levels & challenges

Tallest TowersI have released v1.1 update of Tallest Towers on iOS App Store. This version includes UI tweaking, several stability improvements, and brand a new feature – level progression system.

Each level consists of 5 challenges. Once you will complete these challenges, level will go up. Higher levels consist of harder challenges. Challenges are designed in such ways that will help you to master the game over time. Here is an example level with challenges to give you an idea how it looks like:

Level 3 Challenges:

  1. Place 35 blocks total (0/35)
  2. Place 15 perfect blocks total (0/15)
  3. Play 3 games by placing 12 blocks (0/3)
  4. Place 15 blocks in 1 game
  5. Place 9 perfect blocks in 1 game

Hope you will enjoy the game more. My plan is to add some reward system after completion of each challenge/level in one of the future updates. Let me know what features you want to see in this game.