Tallest Towers – My game developed using Unity is available on iOS App Store

Tallest TowersI have been learning Unity for a month. Instead of going through documentation and tutorials, I found it was easier to learn by creating a complete game. I wanted to create something very simple, flat looking but addictive at the same time. Tallest Towers is the first attempt of it.

It’s a classic block building game. The objective is to build towers by placing blocks one after another. As long as you place blocks in the perfect places, you can create a very tall tower. But if you miss a perfect position, movement speed of the next block increases.

Click here to download the game from iOS App Store.

I am still working on creating the game more challenging and addictive by introducing challenges and levels. Hopefully I will be able to release the next update very soon.

Let me know how you like the game in the comment section below.

Tallest TowersTallest Towers